Xian Ding Wei Tawainese Tea Room (鲜定味)@ Auto City, Penang

My very first visit to Auto City in year 2011~ And I spotted the changing of the restaurant~! 鲜定味 finally have their own branch at mainland @ Penang~ As i know, there is an outlet in Queensbay Mall, right?

Being excited with the new restaurant and decide to give it a try... Haha! It's quite silly that I never step in Xian Ding Wei in KL but I tried it out at Auto City. =P

As usual, i like to capture the menu of the restaurant. It's become my habit d~

From the picture, you can see that the hall is relative big yet cozy. They provided second floor which are more comfortable as the seats are in sofa-cushion style. The decorate looks elegant too.

Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in 3 variety of Sauces(正宗台湾三杯鸡), RM 18.90. Rating : 5/10. Note that this supreme chicken came along with the 3 side dishes and the rice. For me, the chicken is not done to a turn, it's insipid and quite oily. Quite disappointed!

3 side dishes of the day (开胃三位碟)Rating : 5.5/10. What could I say?? Ahaha... Can they prepare the larger portion of the jelly and the pickles ar??? So so of the dishes but the soup not bad.

Taiwan style braised Pork Rice (卤肉饭). Rating : 7/10. Palatable and better than previous foods~

Oyster & Pig's Large Intestine Vermicelli(蚵仔大肠面线),RM 9.90. Rating : 6.5/10. The portion is big o! It's an oval shape bowl, not the flat bottom, thus, it's quite full if you take it alone. The stuffings satisfy me~ But after taking few spoons, feeling salty.

Sourplum Green Tea with Aloe Vera Jelly (梅子绿茶),RM 4.90. Rating : 6/10. Ahaha... sorry for this commet as I don't like aloe vera. And the combination of the sour plum with green tea didn't impress me.

The outer look of the restaurant.

Comment :
Even though I had ordered the signature dish / recommended dish from the menu, but all the foods came didn't satisfy me. Perhaps, I will try out their desserts next time but not for the main meal.
  • 10% service tax + 6% government tax applied.

Address :
1808-1809E, Jalan Perusahaan,
Auto City, North-South Highway Interchange,
13600, Perai, Penang.

Tel : 04-5021317

Business Hour : Daily from 11.30am till 1.00am.
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  1. SamLee Says:

    This is the place that "knocked-down-the-autie-yet-being-rude" girl's working place. Saw her there? Hahaha...